The Spirit of Unity and Strength in Championship

We'd love to thank the state of California along with the county and city of San Francisco to be excellent partners in helping us reach the location. While the neighborhood can't be with us on-site, we'll surely fulfill their spirit of unity and tranquility with us since we point our main championship, on their behalf, for all the world to view and revel in.

The PGA had been considering different websites and situations if it didn't get city approval. The PGA Championship was initially slated for the middle of May since the next important tournament of this year, but it is going to be the first in the start of August. The very first PGA Tour event as the coronavirus pandemic started -- the Charles Schwab Challenge -- happened a week ago in Colonial Country Club with no lovers in attendance.

That is how professional golf will start looking for the near future. The single tournament on the program right now that's been accepted for lovers is the Memorial Tournament in Columbus, Ohio, from July 16-19. The notion of a significant championship without audiences is odd, however, the Charles Schwab Challenge was well received and also a wonderful event even though it was somewhat odd.

The PGA Championship will wind up being the sole major at the 2019-20 PGA Tour season. That year ends per month following the PGA is performed, and the 2020-21 PGA Tour season begins. Subsequently the 2020 Pros are going to be held from Nov. 12-15. All this is very good for US Open golf 2020 live stream, of course, even with lovers.

Due to the coronavirus it was always likely to be tricky to work out ways to get fans back to the program, particularly in order for a major where thousands are packed closely to observe the top players on earth. PGA Tour testing was set up last week in Colonial, and not one of the almost 500 individuals who were analyzed came up positive.

There's not any word yet if the exact same testing program will be set in place from the PGA of America for the PGA Championship or the USGA for the US Open golf 2020 live streaming or the way the Pros will discuss things, but I'd imagine it'll perform similarly to the way.